User Instructions

With Cyta Safe Internet – for home service, filtering is applied to your entire internet home connection and to any device connected through it. Devices include laptop computers, tablets, mobile phones, game consoles, smart TVs, etc. that access the Internet via your home Wi-Fi or wired network.

Upon activation of the service, you can choose one of the three profiles – Strict, Moderate or Light – according to your family needs. The “Strict” profile is the strictest and is designed mainly for young children up to the age of 12, while “Moderate” profile is strict but allows access to Social Networks, Videos and Online Storage. The “Light” profile is less strict and is for children over 13. These profiles include the online content categories and the main applications which Cytanet believes should be blocked. In case you wish a non-filtered Internet access for a specific period of time, you can override the filtering system in one of the following ways:


The Safe Internet - for home service requires a Cyta Internet Home connection.